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Maya's Biography

English - Srpski - Français

Maya Le Rоux - Obradović – Composer and guitarist, is now focusing on the composition and interpretation of her works. Born in Serbia and raised in Geneva, she left Switzerland in 2010 to return to her native Serbia, to live in Belgrade.
Her romantic, musical and tonal language is oft influenced by Balkan folklore. For Maya, composition is not a rupture through a new language, but rather the transformation of what has been received.

Academic Background:
Maya graduated from the Geneva Conservatory with congratulations from the Jury. She studied with Alberto Ponce at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, and graduated with a Higher Diploma of Execution.

Key figures:
Following this, Maya studied at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne with guitarist Dagoberto Linhares with whom she would form a trio some ten years later.
Aleksandar Vujic, conductor and composer, introduces her to the world of orchestration. She worked alongside him and his orchestra, the Belgrade Sinfonietta for 21 years.

She has composed two concerts for guitar and string orchestra, La Ballade de la Vallée Magique and Concerto Latino, a Suite for two guitars, the musical Cocoa, the soundtrack for the book and CD of Nick et l’empereur de Chine, in addition to the soundtrack for the film Un été en Antarctique. Her Petite suite pour un Prince, a solo guitar piece, inspired by the famous tale written by Saint-Exupéry was the subject of a show performed in four languages in five countries.
Her compositions for soprano, guitar and string quintet Chanson sans Paroles and Bazar des quatre vents, are recorded by the Soprano Tanja Andrijic and performed by various musical ensembles. Following a rising demand, she proceeded to write a dozen different arrangements.
Her CD “Symphonie et guitare” comprised of her compositions, was very well received by critics in the USA, where her music is played in 42 states.

She performed in concert as a soloist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, the Belgrade Sinfonietta Orchestra, the Opera Orchestra of Paris, as well as the Galician Youth Orchestra of Spain. She is part of a guitar trio with Dagoberto Linhares and Raymon Migy, which has performed concerts in Egypt, Portugal, France and Morocco. She is self-produced as part of a guitar duo with Christophe Leu.

To date, she has produced 8 CD albums.

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