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Наводимо неке од коментара слушалаца радио станица у Америци. Прикази из Press Book-а:

“Playing the 'Ballad of the Magic Valley.' LOVE LOVE LOVE it” - Oregon / Siskiyou Music Hall

“Maya LeRoux has produced a fantastic CD. We love it and are playing” - Georgia / Taste of Classics

“I absolutely love the works” - New York / Bill Baker

“Love, love, love Maya. Great playing and arrangements” - Texas / Classical (See PDF file)

“I find Maya's playing has a very emotional and warm aspect to it and not purely "technical". She has the warmth of Barrueco and that's a wonderful quality”.

Doreen d'Agostino  
- (Agent of Manuel Baruecco  
and Christopher Parkening)  
Maya Le Roux Obradovic
on WRTI's Crossover

“Adieu Petit Prince says farewell in broken chords and single plucked tone, with passing dissonances that dissolve as a love song emerges, a hymn to the eternal child in us all.”

Audiophile Audition /  Gary Lemco   
“We find suites on this disc in which the guitar is featured ("Petite suite pour un Prince"), and other pieces of music where Le Roux is gently strolling armin- arm with a string section ("Ballade de la Vallee Magique"). Each of these requires a different approach, and each is done with exquisite perfection here. Perhaps the most impressive piece of music on the disc comes when the guitar is played as an accompaniment to the soprano voice of Milovanovic. The subtlety and patient passion is felt with every pluck and stroke of the guitar, and the instrument acts strictly as an enhancement to the power of the voice. For the fan of classical guitar music, or for the student that is trying to wrap his or her head around what it means to play guitar with all of the necessary elements, this disc is a must.”
Scott “Dr. Music” Itter     
“The duo’s interpretation of the Brahms sextet, ranging as it does from the sensitive to the aggressive, from the austere to the majestic, is sublime. Obradovic and Leu are fabulous musicians with great mastery of technique”
American Record Guide     
“The works of 20th Century composers are suffused with limpidity, nostalgia, tenderness and sensitivity.”
Tribune de Genève     
“Their generosity, the delicacy of their touch, the variety of their tonal range and  their great sensitivity, interpret my musical universe beautifully.”
Francis Kleynjans, composer     
“The two musicians both put their whole hearts into plucking their strings with such consummate mastery of their technique that those twelve strings sound as though they were being played by a single artist.”
Revue musicale de Suisse Romande     
“The Duo does justice to the impressive quality of Kleynjans’ work; the result is exquisite”
Le Nouvelliste